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The Max Family of products introduces- Multi M.I.T Utility Series -The first of its kind patented "flip the tip" mulit-use glove.  "M"Middle finger "I" Index Finger "T" Thumb finger

Perfect for:

  • When finger tip exposure is needed, such as turning bolts.
  • When hand protection is needed from oil and grease.
  • Touching your face while working with grease or chemicals.
  • Driving a truck or car where fingers are exposed to change the radio station.


  • When twisting wires or twisting wire nuts.
  • When pulling or stripping wire.
Law Enforcement:
  • Accurate gun control with exposed finger tips.
  • Complete hand protection.
  • Bicycling.
  • Painter.
  • Carpenter.
  • Plumber.
  • Answering cell phone.
  • Heavy equipment operation.
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This is possibly the most functional glove ever made!
The Idea Experts LLC. have launched an innovative glove that is sure to change the glove world as we know it.  The latest edition to the Max Family is the revolutionary  Multi Mit.  The Multi Mit is a high quality one of a kind multi-use glove. It is the only glove on the market with a patented three-finger M.I.T. ( middle, index, thumb)  retractable fingertip technology that allows the bare thumb, index, and middle finger to be exposed while still protecting the entire hand. The retractable fingertips  (M.I.T.) are constructed with overlapping fabric and designed to minimize skin exposure when fully intact--providing maximum hand protection. The Multi Mit fingertips (M.I.T.) can be pulled back over the fingertips and secured by Velcro buttons allowing the wearer to access and use their bare fingertips for small piece handling such as nuts, screws, bolts, wires etc.  

There is no other glove on the market that offers consumers ful-hand protection of a traditional glove with the option to expose the fingertips of M.I.T. The Multi Mit has numerous applications-automotive, electrical, HVAC, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, motocross, etc. The Multi Mit offers value added price point, product life stability and marketing flexibility for any retailer and it's consumers.

Gone are the days of removing your gloves to perform a task requiring your fingers to be exposed  to then search for your misplaced glove after the task was completed.  That will no longer be a problem with the Multi-Mit.

The design of this product line is pioneering yet quite simple. The primary part of this glove line  is the retractable sheath design on the thumb, index and middle fingers of each hand. The three finger option of the design gives the user a choice of which finger to expose. This retractable sheath design allows the user to uncover the thumb, index, and middle finger and expose the bare fingers from the mid-knuckle to finger-tip for technical tasks.  The finger sheaths (covers) are flipped over from palm to the back of the hand and are secured to the back of the glove with velcro tabs. These tabs keep the attached loose finger sheath from getting in the way as you work. When finished, simply pull the finger sheath from the velcro and pull the sheath back over the finger. Once the finger is covered there is no opening for grease or cold to access the skin. The finger sheath overlaps the opening by one half inch which protects the skin from the elements (grease, oil, weather etc.) when tasks are performed with fingers covered.

The first generation of the Multi Mit is made of microfiber, imitation leather, (on the palms and retractable finger sheath) and spandex (on the back or top of hand).  The logos are made of rubber for added protection with a flashy sleek design. This idea is sure to transform the glove market as we know it. 

The future of our glove line will include snowboarding gloves using the same revolutionary retractable finger sheath design. Once again this design will allow wearers to expose finger tips to access their phone, take pictures or upload photos while going up the lift. The days of the lost glove on the ski lift will soon be a "thing of the past."

The Multi Mit can be used in an array of different fields. Gone are the days of fumbling around with your glove to use your cell phone, to scratch your face, or to perform any task that requires bare finger contact.
Because of the unique feature of freeing up the middle, index, and thumb fingers, law enforcement have found the Multi MIT to be an important addition to the gear they use in the field  to perform a difficult and dangerous job. It's a simple concept but is very effective.
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