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 The Idea Experts LLC DBA The Max Family LLC. has launched an innovative gloves that is sure to change the glove world as we know it.  The latest edition to the Max Family product line is the revolutionary  Multi MIT.  The Multi MIT is a high quality one of a kind multi-use glove that fits into many different markets. It is the only glove on the market with a patented three-finger "flip the tip" feature that allows the bare middle, index, and  thumb fingers on both gloves to be exposed while still protecting the entire hand. The "flip the tip" middle, index, and thumb fingers are constructed with overlapping fabric designed to minimize skin exposure when fully intact--providing maximum hand protection. The Multi MIT fingertips (M.I.T.) can be pulled back over the fingertips and secured by Velcro buttons allowing the user access to their bare fingertips for small piece handling such as nuts, screws, bolts, wires, touch screen devices, etc.  
There is no other glove on the market that offers consumers the full-hand protection of a traditional gloves with the option to expose the fingertips. The Multi MIT has numerous applications such as automotive, electrical, HVAC, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, motocross, and many others. 

Gone are the days of removing your gloves to perform a task requiring your fingers to be exposed  to then search for your misplaced glove after the task was completed. 

    The Multi MIT Universal Series gloves are perfect for law enforcement, border patrol, correctional officers or armed forces personnel.  The sleek black on black design offers a muted color with the same "flip the tip" feature for much needed trigger dexterity but the protection when frisking or patting down a suspect  when complete finger and hand protection is needed. Please visit law enforcement link for special offers.  We are confident to say the Multi MIT is truly the ultimate glove.



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Multi Mit 

The most functional line of gloves in the market.  MIT means middle, index, and thumb

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

Get Your Grab On with The Ultimate Glove!

Multi MIT is not just a glove, but a functional extension of the hands, that solves two inconveniences that anyone who wears gloves anywhere in the world deals with.‚Äč

It's time to step up your glove game to the ultimate glove!

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