We at the Max Family of products care about our military and law enforcement men and women.  That's part of the reason we invented the Multi MIT Universal gloves.  We are all involved in the world of firearms.  The tactical feel that the Multi MIT allows is perfect for individuals who need the skin touch to the trigger.   Multi MIT Universal series is spot on.  The days of cutting the finger tips off and ruining a perfectly good pair of gloves are gone.  The Multi MIT Universal gloves offers full hand protection with access to the middle, index, and thumb fingers with a quick flip the tip feature for tactile feel for trigger depression.  The Multi MIT also features full hand protection when patting down someone who could be concealing something sharp.  Simply flip the tips back over and re-protect your fingertips from possible needles or knives.  Its time to step your glove game up with the Ultimate Glove.  Multi MIT

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The Multi MIT is outstanding for all law enforcement and military applications.