• Automotive
  • Tactical
  • ​Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Fishing
  • ​Plumbing
  • Gardening
  • Truck Driving
  • Diesel
  • Warehouse
  • ​Assembly Line
  • ​Cold Climate sport

Electricians and HVAC

Multi MIT Universal Series works for all automotive repairs where small piece handling is required.

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Get Your Grab On with the Ultimate Glove!

There are literally hundreds of uses for the Multi MIT Utility and Universal Series gloves ranging from automotive to tactical to electrical to HVAC to gardening.  The Multi MIT has a flip the tip feature which allows the user access to their middle, index, and thumb fingers by the fingers retracting back.  The "finger hoods" are held back by Velcro tabs which allows the user the ability to perform tasks such as small  piece handling, touch screen device usage, or tactical trigger feel.  The Multi mIT Utility and Universal Series gloves solves an inconvenience that anyone who wears gloves deals with.  How do I keep my hands protected yet handle small pieces or use a touch screen device without yanking off the gloves.  We have Perfected The Power of Touch.  The Multi MIT is truly the Ultimate Glove! 

Multi MIT Universal Series Gloves works for all cold climate sport applications.

Lawn and Garden

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Multi MIT Utility and Universal Series Gloves